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Ho ho ho!! Here are a little description of a Cultural Heritage of our city! I hope you'll visit our! :D



Hey guys! Today I'll post a representation of a TV programme! I hope you like it, so, this is our project!!


Please, don't judge me, I'm not an actor!


The hunger games project

I've done this project with a classmate. It was very funny, I think it's good.

We did some profiles of the tributes (They're we!)


District number 10. Livestock.

Height: 1,73 m.

Weight: 62,5 kg.

Abilities: Cannibalism. He can kill someone when he bites them. He has a strong jaw. He has predator abilities. He can smell blood from 1km.

Favorite weapon: His jaw. He sometimes uses a knife. He's very quick and he can kill someone in a second. He has a hypnotic look and often his victims can't defend themselves.

Weaknesses: He is afraid of water, because he has a predator, and it lives inside the water. The predator is a little fish that when it touches him, he has a cramp and he can drown inside the water.


District number 10. Livestock.

Height: 1,61 m.

Weight: 56 kg.

Abilities: Camouflage, quiet, quick and great jumper. She can run around you without you seeing her. She is a good runner, very good. Also, she has a good hearing and a good sight.

Favorite weapon: A bow. She's very good shooting arrows from trees. They hit you before you hear them.

Weaknesses: She isn't strong. She's so good when we talk about running or jumping, but when we talk about breaking, pulling or shooting, she can't do much. A part from this, when she falls, she can't start running again, since her bones "are made of glass".

And finally we did a video with our story before the games, it's amazing... I'll post it now for you!

The airport project

 Here is the link of my Airport project!


And here is the project! Hope you enjoy it! (:

Here's my interview! We recorded it at the airport with a bussines man :D

I have to do something with my life!


I don't put the dialogue, cause is too easy :3

My TravelPod, for you! :D


(The St. Paul's Cathedral isn't here)

Stop thief!

The dialogue is at the Principal Page.

Dialogue (at the video is change)
Police: What can I do for you?
Grandma: OMG, OMG, someone has stolen my trolley! MY TROLLEY! Please, WHAT A NERVE!
Police: Don't worry , I'll help you. I'm here for everything.
Grandma: No, I had my fresh tomatoes in it. MY FRESH TOMATOES! Now I won't cook my salad for my grandson, MY LITTLE GRANDSON!
Grandson: No, grandma, my salad! MY SALAD!!
Police: How much did it cost?
Grandma: Uuuh! Uuuh! A lot, a lot, the world is very expensive! The prices are Lately a crime! This is the real crime, all because of Rajoy, WHAT A NERVE! Grandson: Yes! Yes! Reijouy is to blame.
Police: Oh, yes, you're right... Well, don't worry, This is such a bad country!... Were there any witnsesses?
Grandma: No, I don't remember, there was only my Grandson, you can ask him. Police: Do you remember the robber?
Grandson: No.., YES! He's like a ninja-turtle! He took the tomatoes and ran to the sewer. Then, he jumped and flew away.
Grandma: What a nerve!
Police: Okay, it was a ninja-turtle... but do you remember his face?
Grandson: No.. I just remember that it's like a Spanish song: My carrou, me lo robauron.. Istandou, di rumeria...
Police: Sorry.. I'm afraind I can't help you.

Public Art Project: A piece of engine

This sculpture doesn't have a name because it was only a donation of a piece of engine. It was a steam machine.
The Sepisa company gave this part of mechanism to Terrasa's city hall. We know that this wheel was and is real, because this wheel worked in a factory for many years. It was situated in the Matadepera/Béjar roundabout in October 1988.
It doesn't represent any style. The sculpture represents the past of this piece and the past of the steam machine that was so important in the industrial revolution in Catalonia. I think that this doesn’t have any relation to art, but it’s important for the city and for the memory of its past.

Its colour is black and it has parts of brown and grey colour, too. The colors are dull and dark.

The main parts of this sculpture are circular. There are some angular shapes, too. It is large and it has a metal base to hold the sculpture.
The wheels of the mechanism are the most important parts. The mechanism also has different devices to make the wheel turn, like the crankshaft (to allow the rotation) and the connecting rod, cylinder and piston. All the parts are geometric.

The sculpture is made of iron. It's rusty, because it is very old. Some parts are made of wood.

This sculpture recalls an old train wheel. It's strategically located on a roundabout. You can see it from all angles.

Eva Anglada, Joel Calvete and Joan Casal


:) Hello guys! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I hope that you all have the presents that you wanted and you join all your family!
Snow, cold, snow-wars, Santa... AND ALL THE CHRISTMAS.

Xmas Glitter Graphics
Christmas Glitter Graphics, xmas scraps, comments, animate gif images



In the episode the Simpson family, apart from Marge and Maggie, went to the games convention at the “Fun-Dad” day. Bart and Lisa started to play and Homer visited the convention. Later, Lisa told Homer, that there was a presentation of a new video game in the hall 3-D. Fastly, the three yellow people went to the hall. While Homer fought like Call of Duty, the kids arrived. Later, they came back home and said: “Fun-Dad, Fun-Dad, Fun-Dad”.

Marge turned very jealous, because she wanted to be a Fun-Mum too. Then, Marge and Homer talked over the problem and Homer told her that she could go to the gang the following weekend.

The next weekend, Marge and the kids went to the cross games. When they came back their car broke down and they had to park the car. They parked in a strange neighborhood, and they decided to visit a restaurant. In the restaurant, the family ate odd food and when they were eating the foodies of Springfield came in and they tasted the food of the Simpsons. After this, all weekends the kids and Marge visited other restaurants and they became to foodies.

Homer turned jealous because he wanted to go with the kids too. Marge invited Homer to the dinner in “Al Chemistry” restaurant, but she lied to him. Homer, went to the address and he got into a Ampheta laboratory. He started to “eat” but the laboratory got on fire.

Marge got off the restaurant and went to help Homer. She used the dessert to save her husband.

Finally, the family came back to the house and went to sleep.

Dialoge 2: A supermarket

Asking for a product

Supermarket assistant: How may I help you?
Joe: I'm looking for the tableware aisle, but i don't find it. Can you tell me where it is please?
Supermarket assistant: Of course. All tableware products are in aisle 2. May I go with you?
Joe: Ok, it's better because I need to find more things. Thank you.

At the cash registrer
Supermarket assistant: Good evening. How are you?
Joe: I'm fine, thanks.
Supermarket assistant: Have you got costumer card?
Joe: Yes, I do. Here you are.
Supermarket assistant: Thank you. That'll be £ 75
Joe: Here you are my £ 80.
Supermarket assistant: And here's your change.
Joe: Thanks.
Supermarket assistant: Have a good evening.
Joe: You too. Goodbye.

Dialoge 1: Welcome to Australia

-Hello Eva! I'd like you to meet my family. This is my wife Cooli and this is my son Max. He is 14 like you.

-Hello family! How are you?

-Oh, we are fine, and you?

-In this moment I'm very excited! Can you show me the house I want learn this now!

-Oh great! I'll show you the house. This is the bathroom, it's next to your room. The kitchen is downstairs with the dining room. The living room is at the end of the house, to be more relaxt.

-Can you give me the timetables of the meels and the showers? Please, I need this to organize my studies and the friends.

-You can have breakfast at 7 and we have lunch at 13, aproximatly and we have dinner at 7 o'clock. You can see your new friends until midnight and you can have a shower whenever you want! OK, thats all and go to lunch! Put the case in you're bed.

This is the dialogue of a student that goes to Australia, with a family. The girl arrives and they start the introduction and the presentation of a house with the rules of it. They have to live together for the next months, and the girl has to study english to mprove it.

Biography 1

Jhon Logie Baird was a famous engineer and a very good inventor.
In 1888 he was born in Helensburgh, Scotland. He loved building machines.
He studied at Glasgow University.
He Moved to England and he invented the black and white television and the fisrt colour television.
He established the Baird Television Company.

Biography 2

Apsley Cherry-Garrard was a famous explorer. He was born on 2 January 1886 in Bedford and he died on 18 May 1959.
He received elementary education at Winchester College and Christ Church (Oxford). When he was older he was an explorer for the historis of his father. In 1907 on September, Edward Adrian Wilson he reunited with the Scott Captain in the Reginald's Smith house on Cortachy, for spoke of a new Antartic expedition.

English dialogue

Kyle: Zoe, are you fine?
Zoe: No, I'm tired! I didn't drink anything for breakfast and I'm very thirsty.
Kyle: You should breakfast. You should drink orange juice every morning. The breakfast is the main food!
Zoe: You're right, I'll go buy some orange juice.
Kyle: Great! Me too.

English dialogue

Matt: Hi, Jhon. How are you?
Jhon: Not great. I got up late so i couldn't have breakfast. I'm really hungry.
Matt: Why did you gate up late? Didn't you sleep well last night?
Jhon: Yes, I didn't sleep last night, only slept 3 hours because I was listening to my new CD until five o'clock.
Matt: Jhon! You really shouldn't stay up so late.
Jhon: I suppose you're right.
Matt: You'd better eat something now. Take my apple and eat.
Jhon: That sounds like a good idea!
Matt: Yes, is great!



1- Where is Ireland? Ireland is an island in the eastern part of the Norht Atlantic.
2- How far is Ireland from New York? Ireland is 3000 miles far to New York.
3-Is West Virginia larger than Ireland? That's slightly larger than the state.
4- How many provinces has Ireland got? Ireland has got 4 provinces: Connacht, Munster, Leinster and North Ireland.
5-How many counties has Northern Ireland got? North ireland has got 6 counties.
6- What happened during the Great Potato Famine? After the Great Potato Famine was died many people and others was emmigred.
7-What does the Irish flag symbolize? The Irish flag symbolized the Union of North and South space.
8- Why is Ireland called”The Emerald Isle”? Because the frequent rainfall resulting in lush greenery. It can rain 225 or plus in one year.
9- What does the shamrock symbolize? Shamrock are the Irish good-luck symbol.
10-How did St.Patrick explain the Holy Trinity? St. Patrick explained the Holy Trinity with the 3 leafes of the shamrock.
11-What's the real national symbol of Ireland? The real national symbol of Ireland is the Celtic Harp.
12- What's the capital of Ireland? The capital of Ireland is Dublin.
13- How big is the Guinness factory? The Guinness factory spans over 60 acres.
14-Who established the Guinness company? The Guinness factory established in Dublin.
15- How many beers does an Irish drink every year? An Irish drink 131,1 litres of beer every year.
16- How many people kiss the Blarney stone every year? Over 400.000 people kiss the Blarney Stone every year.
17- Why are the Cliffs of Moher so famous? The Cliffs of Moher is famous for the west coast and the ravine that's middle 702 meters to the sea.
18- Where was St. Patrick born? On March 17th was worn St. Patrick.
19- How many people visit Ireland every year? 8 millions of persons visit Ireland every year.
20- How many people in the world say they have Irish ancestors? 80 million of persons in the world say they have Irish ancestors.

Expressing Disbelief

Carmina: Do you know what happened to me today?
Erminijilda: No. What happened?
Carmina: I was in the badulake when I saw Belén Esteban!
Erminijilda: You're kidding! What did you do?
Carmina: I introduced myself, of course!
Erminijilda: Are you serious?
Carmina: Yes! And then it gave me a kiss!
Erminijilda: No way! I don't believe you!
Carmina: Why not? It's true!

The simpsons, past simple.

The shinning

The Simpsons family went to Mr Burns' mansion. When he arrived Mr Burns showed the house and later they (Smithers and Mr Burns) took beer and cut the cable TV.

When homer saw the TV meanwhile he ate chips.

He went to the bar and he talked with Moe, he told him to kill his family.

Marge was in a dinning room in the night when a flash appeared and she cut read on the wall :
“ NO TV AND NO BEER MAKE HOMER GO CRAZY “ and in the moment Homer appeared very crazy.

Marge and Homer fought with a baseball bat. Marge to moke to most of that Homer to loosed the knowledge and he putted in a room.

When he woke up, Homer ate and his “friends” entered in the room for to throwed out for kill his family. Homer had a axe and searched his family for a all house.Marge and kids called to police but they were cased. Bart called the gardener for a help but Homer was killed he.

The family exited running to the house and Lisa finded a mini-TV for a Homer, that he relaxed. All family sitted in the ploff for a saw the TV but finished frostbittens.

Portuguese man o' war.

It's others name are man-of-war or bluebottle. Is a jelly-fish marine invertebrate. The Physalia Physalis live in the Pacific and Indian oceans, and the northen Antartic Gulf Streom. The sail is measured 9 to 30 centimetres long. The composition on Portuguese man is up to 90% of carboni dioxid. The lower part of has got long tentacles these normally measured is 50 meters.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa measures 828 meters.
12.000 workes worke in the Burj Khalifa.
The building starts in the 2004.
Is larged than Jin mao for 248 meters.


I can't close the door.
I can't play the piano.
I can speak french.
I can write a book about me.
I can teach.

My plans for next weekend

On Saturday morning I wathcing the TV and chatting. On afternoon meeting my friends and the night seeing a
terror film. On Sunday morning I clearning and the afternoon doing homework and at night watching the TV program.

My best friend

Her name is Maria and she's 13. Her birthday on 1st November. Her favourite colour and subject are red and sciences. Her lucky number is 15 and she hasn't got any brothers and sisters.